Friday, March 13, 2009

Albert's Sire


I went for my lesson Tuesday night, and Phyllis and I got to talking about Albert's bloodlines. It is actually an interesting story. She acquired his mother from a man who was going to sell her to a meat market. She was not able to be ridden any more but Phyllis said that she had very good bloodlines and was beautiful. She was white (originally gray) and had big black eyes. Therefore her name was Ebony Eyes.
She knew of his father and the stud fee was $5ooo. But to make the story more interesting, she heard that they were going to have an auction in Canada for his services! So she hopped on a plane and went up there! And yes, she put in a bid and won for $3500! She said she was so excited and couldn't believe it!


Sensation Al Z had a remarkable career in Western Pleasure. He was the first Arabian to ever win the triple crown in Western Pleasure-Scottsdale, Canadian Nationals and US Nationals.That has only been repeated by one other horse 10 years later.When he won the National title in Canada, his daughter Hr Alexis was crowned Jr. National Western Pleasure Champion. Never had a stallion and offspring achieved this award at the same time.
Phyllis said that Albert gets his disposition from both his parents. She was going to show him in Western Pleasure but things happened to change that! I am glad that they did so I could have the chance to learn many things from this wonderful Equine partner!


  1. Isn't it wonderful to discover your horse's history??? George had a very FAMOUS father and is listed in the LEGENDS quaterhorse book. His 1st owner was BOBBY AVILA"S mother. She wanted a 1/4 horse for team penning even though she was into dresadge! Jesse's blood line is "FRECKLES"! I personally have met Little Lady's mother and know her father very well! I love that!

  2. WOW!!! How interesting and you are so lucky to have found this out! Your boy is beautiful and so was his father. I wish I knew something for sure about my Gilly. I was told by the rescue people that his mother was a paint Tennessee Walker and his father was a paint Quarter Horse. But he doesn't quite seem to fit with that. He moves like he has warm blood, I have had people tell me that they think he looks like he has Arabian in him; I don't have a clue. Knowing history can explain a lot of things, he will just keep me guessing! :-)

  3. I didn't know Albert was Royalty! :) How fun to know some of his history. That is one pretty bay Arabian. Albert has a nice disposition, he reminds me of My Boy on the ground, very mellow.
    I'm glad you are enjoying him. Maybe someday, he can be officially yours....

  4. Albert has a beautiful, soft eye, which is one of the first things i look at. And just one look at him, you see that he is special - he is so well put together. But, from what you say, it looks like he has a lot of heart.
    You picked a dandy.
    Do you think that your sister doesnt miss me because i told her that you were my favorite when we were kids?
    Do you know what i just thought of? When we played wild stallions, didnt you want to be the grey stallion? That's what i was remembering, anyway. And now you have a grey ... well not a stallion ... but you know ... Love you!