Sunday, December 12, 2010

 from my house to yours.... 
This Christmas I have the need to
keep things simple. 
I wanted a small tree this year...
I found this old window which I loved
and knew right away what I wanted to
do with it. It is perfect behind my tree...
Looks like a couple of lil' cowgirls have
new ponies under the tree. I wonder who
Curious George could be for!

The star and the snowflakes  are
from the Dollar Store...
I love to try and be thrifty, that way 
I can buy more...

I bought these little wooden 
candy canes at a bazaar ...
My daughter made the little cones
from sheet music and put the
candy canes in then. I loved the
way that they turned out...

My little lamb is so precious...
Her name is "ELSA"
That was the name of the lamb
that the wool came from.
 I loved that the little lady who
made her named her after her friend....

My niece is getting quite crafty
these days. I am becoming on of her
best customers...
She made these little Xmas trees
and put numbers on them. They are
so cute... I wanted one with a
number 5 on it for my five
grandchildren....there wasn't one
so I guess I had to buy two....

We have actually been to alot  
of neat little places this Christmas
season... I saw this handmade sock
and fell in love with it...
"And the stocking's were hung".... 

Oh yes, these mittens.....
Luv them....

Little trees are my inspiration
this Christmas Season...
I have fallen in love with them...
I am loving old tarnished silver...
Pine cones painted white....
Old dishes...
 candy cane candles...

Little white wooden trees...

This tree is my absolute  favorite..
It is primitive and handmade
from one of our fellow vendors
and a picture says a thousand words...


My wish for you is to have

Another one of my nieces pieces...

Small  pillows..
Pony Girl made the reindeer one..

Love anything with bark...

Yep, more little trees...
With a graceful silver deer
sleeping in the wintry forest ...

 Wishing you all much 

"JOY and LOVE"




Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I wish I had a river that I could skate away on..

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and
throws your whole center of balance off...

You have to watch those that you love
filled with so many emotions and despair...
A choice one person makes effects the life's
of everyone around you...
You suddenly know that life as it has always
been, will never be the same for anyone...
All you can do is hope and pray that all
those that are hurting will someday find some
peace and forgiveness in their hearts.
And so I say to my two little angel's who
are hurting right now that I wish you the
best of everything that you've ever dreamed of...
I know someday that you will have a
river that you can skate away on and
teach your feet how to fly...

Friday, October 29, 2010



The pony cousins had a
big Halloween bash at our
Cuz E's this last weekend.
I was one of the lucky Cuz's
that was able to attend.
Oh, what fun we had as usual..
Lots to drink, wonderful food,
and most important of all lots
of laughs, fun and bonding!!
I love all of my Pony Cousins
so much and know that I can always
count on them for a very entertaining
time. But most important of all is
that I know each and everyone of them
from the oldest to the youngest will
always be there for one another...
What more could any girl ask for
than that...
So let the party begin!!!

Aren't they all just super delicious!
Love all you crazy Cuz's!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Horse Thieves

You know what they do to horse thieves!!!

My King loves his auntie...

It's a good thing I love my Sissy so much!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another year gone by!

What a great time we had...
Lots of love, laughter, bonding,hugs,
tricks, good food, drinks, lots of
sunshine and dust...
I want to tell all my
that you are all winners to me!!!
Thanks for all the memories...
Can't wait for the story to continue
next year at our STAMPEDE!!


We had our annual Rodeo again this year.
What can I say and what a difference a year makes..
Last year my boy was a big poop in the arena..
This year my boy was perfect....
This to me is my biggest accomplishment of the year...
To ride my boy in the rodeo...
We didn't take first place or were not the fastest...
But my love,
in my eyes...

We took first in my heart...
And you made me feel like a
for a day...
Thank you my beautiful

Saturday, July 17, 2010

First Meeting

Do I look like I was intimidated ??

Yep, I was alot intimidated!!
I first saw King when Dusty Devoe and I got to go
to Palm Springs to visit the Desert Rose about four
years ago. That was when she decided it was time for
us to start riding!
He belonged to a friend of hers that she rode with.
I thought that he was a beautiful horse, but I knew
that I would never be able to ride a horse like him..
He and his partner led the ride and he had alot of
energy and I remembered him doing alot of prancing.

Fast forward about four years..

The Desert Rose brought him home last
summer for sisters and cousins to ride.
This is the first time that I went in and got him
to groom and ride and I was almost shaking in
my boots, I had this very powerful horse looking
over my shoulder and I kept thinking back
to the first time I saw him..
I managed to get him out ok , with my nerves shot!!
I let him graze a little bit before we went
to tack up.

Our first time riding together we just rode in
the arena. That went pretty good.

I went down the next weekend to go out on our
first trail ride.
I was hooked on this boy and knew that
I wanted to ride him more...

I rode him all summer and slowly started feeling
a little bit more confident riding him.
Then last fall he became mine.

Wow.. Who Knew...

That today The King and I led
our first trail ride with
Dusty Devoe and her Copper Pony!

I still consider myself a beginner rider
and I do have to admit that I am
proud of myself and my boy!

Now it's me prancing on that Big Beautiful Boy!
Happy trails to me and "MY KING"

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cowgirl Fashion Show

It's that time of year when we can start hitting
the trails again! I'm getting really excited..
We haven't been able to get out with the horses..
We have had alot of rain and the Copper Pony
has been laid up..But The Desert Rose will be
here in a couple of weeks and we will be blazing
the trail in all of our glory..Well, some of us will be!
I haven't quite decided which outfit I should wear
on our first outing!! It could be a really tough decision..

Let the fashion show begin...

In all reality this is probably what I will
be looking like!!
Black leather chinks, dirty old barn boots,
worn leather belt, hair on hide worn off cell
phone holder and horse hair jacket..
Oh the "FASHION FAUX PAS" of a horse owner..
As long as my "KING" loves me who cares..

Wait a minute...

It's not me that "MY KING" will be looking at!
He will be looking at


Now this Little Lady knows how
to dress to win a mans heart!!

Well , "MY KING"
It's a good thing that we went
shopping and have all your new
Calvin King Attire to wear for her!!
Love you my beautiful
It's all about you!