Monday, February 7, 2011

I have always had alot
of color in my house. 
The last couple of years
I have been in love with 
everything neutral.
 So I am taking the plunge 
and have been slowly redoing
my house. This is a big step
for me to do without alot
of color. I started off by painting
my walls a light gray. I wasn't to
sure at first if I was going to like it, 
but now after I have lived with it
for awhile, I am loving it. Here is
a small sample of my living room!

My curtains are sheets that I 
bought at an estate sale last spring.
They are cotton and extra long and
I bought new rods and clips to
hang them up with. I loved how they
turned out. I paid $1.00 a piece for them.
They look crisp and fresh!
My niece made the
"Blazing Trails "
pillow and I knew I just had to
have it... I got the cowhide pillow
at a event we went to this last
weekend, and my daughter got
me the zebra pillows for Xmas..

My coffee table I found at one
of our favorite places to shop
this summer. I paid $25.00 for
it and it is cowhide with fringe 
and legs with tree bark on them.

So there is a little taste of my house.

We our now working on our 
dreadful 80's kitchen...
Here is a kitchen I love.. 
I am making some changes...
The stove and dishwasher have
been bought... 
My floors is here to be laid...
I picked up a mirror at a flea
market this weekend... 
My counter tops are done...
Love the way they turned
out....a hint....
Need to pick out a paint color
for the kitchen walls...
And last but not least have to
paint all the cabinets white...
yuck....not looking forward to that
little job...but oh my, it will be worth
it all when I get it done!!!!

I have all these projects that I
want to do...
After the kitchen...
The bedroom....
I am liking this...

But I am really loving this
right now...

With lots of big fluffy pillows...

 And dreamy curtains that 
that blow in the wind...

 You will just have to stay 
tuned in to see what I do next....
                                   A COWGIRLS GRACE