Sunday, January 31, 2010

King and his Mom

Sunday Afternoon Ride!

A picture says a thousand words!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome to Peek A Boo Tuesday!!
I love to knit but don't find much time to
do it anymore! I have so many projects
that I have started and never finished!!
My favorite one that I did manage to get
done was one that was started by my
mother-in-law before she passed away.
She had started knitting afghan's for
all her grandchildren but did not get them
finished. However, she did have some of the
strips done for my oldest daughter.
I wanted all of my children to have something
of her's because she was a wonderful women!
I knew that there was no way that I could get
four of them done in such a short time before
Christmas. My mom also knits and told me
that she would help me. So I bought the rest of
the yarn that we needed and we both got to work.
She of course was done before me because she
knits faster than I do!!

I was very happy with the way that they all turned out!

But the most special thing about it was that they
all received an afghan made from both of their
grandmothers and mother! My daughters have
often told me that it was one of their favorite
gifts that they ever received!!
I always hoped that maybe my mother-in-law
was looking down at us and seeing how beautiful
they turned out!!
Maybe this will inspire me to finish some
of my other knitting projects I need to finish!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Go #908

Wow!! Here is my little funny face boy Albert at a schooling show!!
Go # 908!!
Dusty Devoe and I went to a horse show Saturday where
five girls from the barn participated!! We had alot of fun
cheering them on!!
One little Gray Dappled horse I was especially interested
in seeing was Albert!! He has alot of training and I am
so happy that he has someone who is riding him!!

Meet Haley. She is only 12 years old and been taking
lessons for a year and is doing wonderful!!

She is the kind of girl I would love to have my granddaughter
hang out with. She is a sweetheart!!
I was very disappointed that I had to leave before the
Western Pleasure came on. So I missed seeing them, but you
can be sure that I am going to go next month and watch!!
I want to see just what my funny faced little boy can do!!
Go Albert and Haley!! I will be cheering you on!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Equine Award

The King and I have decided to give out another award!
This one is an Equine Award!
Most of you know about the exciting trip that the
Desert Rose, Baby Doll and The Bossman experienced!!
Our award is for "JESSE" the Desert Rose's beloved partner!


The King and I give this award to honor you!
You have preformed above and beyond
your duty to fulfill your part of the Equine
Journey with your partner!
You have shown
You "Persevered" and carried your partner
to the end of your journey!
You showed great "COURAGE."
You have amazing "LOYALTY"
towards your partner!
My "HEART" is full of gratitude for
bringing our loved ones home safely!


You are a shining star in our hearts!!

Your Equine Friend

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Welcome to Peek A Boo Tuesday!!

Today I am going to share with you one of my secret desires!!

I have always wanted to be an artist!!
We have a couple in the family who are pretty
This last summer I even bought a boo
k to help teach
you to draw, some pap
er and pencils.
But alas, I never did any
thing with them.
So I have made up my mind that t
his Spring when the
weather gets nicer I am going to fix up myself an
artist's loft to work in! Well, ac
tually just a small space
that I can call all my own!!
I have seen some very talented pe
ople on blogs!

I envision all kinds of ways that I could fix up my space!

Oh my goodness! I don't think so

I like this one really well, but don't have a space this big!!

Next my tools of the trade!

An artist's pallet!

I love these silver tins to hold supplies!

I sit here and ponder what should I start first!!

I know that I want to start drawing first is animals!
I would love to learn how to stipple. I really am drawn
to this kind of drawing!

Naturally I would love to be able to draw my favorite!!

I think these are beautiful!

Maybe I will even get brave and do watercolor!

One of my daughters is very talented!
She drew these by looking at the work of other artist's!
The first one here she did for her grandfather because it
reminded her of him.

This next one is a picture of Jacquelin Kennedy Onassis
when she was a little girl!

A picture of an old fisherman perhaps!

A couple of pictures of little girls!!

I think that she should be the one to become an artist!!

When I get my little room all fixed up and start my
drawings I will let you see how I do!!
Thank you for coming to Peek A Boo Tuesday!!