Monday, March 30, 2009

I Was Tagged

I was tagged and given the Honest Scrap Award by Saddle Mountain Rider over at Middle of the Road. So after some thought, here is my list of ten most honest things about myself!

#1 I have always wished that I was an artist or a photographer. I would love to be able to use my creative side that way.
#2 I love purses! Different colors, print, plaid, zebra,leopard, probably the bigger the better! But
I don't buy alot of them!
#3 Dusty Devoe and I both know that we saw witches when we were little! Even to this day I know they were there!
#4 I always wanted an older brother to hang out with!
#5 I have a really bad habit of staying up late and watching tv in bed and eating junk, thus the ten plus pounds I have put on!
#6 I really have five children! When Pony Girl was born I just knew for sure in my heart that she was mine!
#7 I love to work out in the yard, I find it very relaxing!
#8 I think that I have my fathers sense of humor!
#9 I am a loner, I don't need alot of people around me!
#10I covet anything western!

The rule to pass along the award will not be followed in this instance because all the bloggers I know have already received it, but Thank you Saddle Mountain Rider for mine!


  1. About those witches...are you sure it wasn't Halloween? And about those extra 10 lbs., you can always WALK WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi, my second mommy...I guess it was hard to see your twin sister have a darling little baby like myself...well my mom is good at sharing, she use to let me borrow her clothes and such. Just wish we wore the same size boots, LOL!

  3. I am getting old. I don't remember the witches!?!

  4. So cuz K and I already discussed the "WITCHES" and think you really saw "BITCHES" but your little minds could not fund the right words to dicribe them! Then could have been the lemonade(unspiked) that went to your heads! And...Dusty Devoe deserves to have ALL your grandchildren as much as she let you take "Shelly Bean", for weeks at a time!!!

  5. No, cousin Rose, you and i saw the bitches - those 2 saw the witches.