Sunday, September 20, 2009

Trail Rides

Guess where I have been spending all my free time!!!!!
The "KING" and I have got to go on alot of trail rides this week.
Dusty Devoe and I are very lucky in that the stables that we board at have miles and miles of trails behind it.

Last week we went with Dusty Devoe, Cowboy T, and Sally! We had a good ride that day!

I love how the sun shines down threw the trees!

We hit the jackpot this week because The Desert Rose and Little Lady came to stay with us and we rode for three day's in a row! We had great weather, and the horses were all great!!! Except when King decides that Dusty just might steal his girlfriend away and he has to pin his ears back and give Dusty dirty looks!!

Sorry Dusty Devoe that your picture turned out blurry!

The Desert Rose wasn't to sure about the latest fashion find that we wanted her to wear!!!
The dreaded " ORANGE VEST" But she was a trouper and decided to make a fashion statement with us!!!

The trails that we have to ride are really beautiful and the Desert Rose really likes to explore so we found a few new places to ride to!!

We had a great three day's together and even loped up some hills, it felt like I was floating up!! Dusty kept right up with those other three gaited horses!!!
I am totally in love with my "KING"
He is totally awsome and is taking very good care of me!! The Desert Rose couldn't of chosen a better horse for me! After all, I guess one sister should know another sister pretty well!!! And I have the best Sister's in the whole world!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Going to hit the trail

THE DESERT ROSE and LITTLE LADY will be here tomorrow to hit the trails on Friday and Saturday!! I am really excited as THE DESERT ROSE wants to find another elusive river!! Riding is always exciting with the DR, you never know where she will take you!
I, on the other hand, am anxious to see if the time that King and I have spent together since the last time they were here will be a little bit different!! He loves Little Lady and can be a poop around her, so this time I am going to make sure he is going to pay attention to me and not be worried where and what she is doing!! Might have to bring out those spurs yet!!!
Now the King only has eyes for her when she is around and no other equine had better even look at her!!
Silly boy, she isn't even looking at you!!! We will just see if she even notices that you had a bath and trimmed your whiskers!! You can always come and let me give you a great big kiss!!
So here's to HAPPY TRAILS to us!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

What's on your coffee table?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I never did get my shelf painted this summer. It seems to have just flown by! I did however have my daughter do a little bit of rearranging for me. I know I can always count on her to do a good job! Here is a picture of my shelf the way it was before the big transformation!!

Here is the shelf now!

She rounded up alot of different things that we had around the house to use! We have some of the cowpokes boots, a cowhide wine holder, (I wonder who drank the wine?), and a tree bark basket with some deer sheds!

The next shelf starts off with some old vases, one of my baby shoes, and a old silver teapot!

The little glass jigger with the handle was my Buba's (Grandmother) toothpick holder, next is a picture of an older woman and her horse and I want that to be me when I get older, still enjoying my horse! Next we have some feathers that were put on my horse on the last Pony Cousins Stampede! The beautiful glass bowl was a gift from my wonderful mother-in law, inside sits a tree bark candle holder! And last of all my cowhide spurs which I have never worn!!

The next shelf starts off with my "PONY COUSINS STAMPEDE" trophy! Then there is a beautiful glass bowl that belonged to my Great Auntie Eva with a horse shoe which was a wedding favor from The Deserts Rose's Cowboy down in the desert. The horseshoe came from the stables where they met. I thought it was a very clever idea! The silver salt and pepper shakers belonged to my cowboys Great Aunt Opal!

Next we have God Bless Cowgirls, I of course, think all Cowgirls are Blessed
Next we have a horse head bookend, a silver candle holder, and a picture of my Prince Albert!

My cowbell, a little songbird standing on some rolled up sheet music , some old bottles, one with heather in it, and one with a cowgirl sign hanging on it!

The last shelf starts of with my old lantern!

Next is my old canteen, a silver tray with a little bird nest, a belt buckle, a Pony Cousin Ribbon, a sign that says: "DANCE like no one is looking" "SING like no one can hear you" "LOVE" like you can't be hurt ! Very good words to live by I think!! Two little stars that say "Dream" and "Imagine" , and another little white bird!

There you have it, the same old black shelf but with all new old treasures!!!