Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cowgirl Fashion Show

It's that time of year when we can start hitting
the trails again! I'm getting really excited..
We haven't been able to get out with the horses..
We have had alot of rain and the Copper Pony
has been laid up..But The Desert Rose will be
here in a couple of weeks and we will be blazing
the trail in all of our glory..Well, some of us will be!
I haven't quite decided which outfit I should wear
on our first outing!! It could be a really tough decision..

Let the fashion show begin...

In all reality this is probably what I will
be looking like!!
Black leather chinks, dirty old barn boots,
worn leather belt, hair on hide worn off cell
phone holder and horse hair jacket..
Oh the "FASHION FAUX PAS" of a horse owner..
As long as my "KING" loves me who cares..

Wait a minute...

It's not me that "MY KING" will be looking at!
He will be looking at


Now this Little Lady knows how
to dress to win a mans heart!!

Well , "MY KING"
It's a good thing that we went
shopping and have all your new
Calvin King Attire to wear for her!!
Love you my beautiful
It's all about you!