Sunday, March 15, 2009

Antique Travel


Yes, Dusty Devoe, Sares and I went antique browsing again yesterday! It was a nice way to spend a rainy afternoon. Of course with the three of us looking for that special thing to take pictures to blog about, we each picked our theme! Mine was trunks!

Gone with the Wind is probably one of my favorite movies. Scarlet O'Hara was beautiful and sassy! I picture this beautiful black trunk at the foot of her bed with all the treasures from her many beau's!

This trunk looks like someone refurbished and added some faux animal skin!
The trunk below looks like it could be in grandma's attic full of old things!

This trunk looks very masculine and probably was used by a riverboat gambler!
A trunk with many compartment of course has to be used by a traveling actress!

I see this trunk being very worn and was probably used by a world traveler on to faraway ,exotic places!

These suitcases were probably used by a family vacationing to the shore!

These old worn bags traveled many, many miles on a steam engine out west with a schoolmaster on his way to a new teaching post!

A trunk with many compartments for a magician to keep all his tricks!

And last of all a trunk that reminds me of one that was at the end of my mothers bed growing up!


  1. Wouldn't it be fun to REALLY know the history of these trunks.

  2. I love old trunks. They have such a history to them, unlike all the plain black canvas suitcases you see nowadays. My favorite it the trunk that traveled to far off exotic places.
    Maybe I was a world traveler in a former life which is why I don't feel the need to travel in this one!

  3. These trunks are so cool! I love trunks. I wish I had a bigger house to put more things in. I need to redecorate my master bedroom soon and maybe I can add a trunk!
    I missed Alberts Sires post. Sorry I didn't get to comment so now I will. His dad is so pretty! It is cool knowing about their history. I know Fritzy's but not Brandy's. I tried researching some on Brandy and didn't get very far.

  4. What a great post!! Love all the pictures of trunks and bags. I think I like the two bags that look like they could have been a country doctors bag. Interesting! :-)

  5. Fun finds. I love trunks...great places to store more stuff! :) I don't have any antique ones though.
    Did ya'll feel silly taking a bunch of pictures w/your cameras in the shops?! :)

  6. The trunks remide me of Mom's cedar chests that she had in her and dads bed room. Does she still have them??? I don't remember!