Sunday, March 22, 2009

Out of a horses mouth!

Here I was, in my nice cosy, warm and dry stall for the night with my dinner all ready for me, and who should appear but the person who thinks that she is mine! I wonder what kind of things she thinks that I am going to do for her tonight?

I think that I will stand here really still and let her brush me. Her routine is always the same! She always gives me one of those little treats that are supposed to taste like berry or apple. So I let her think that they are delicious! Then its time for the brush to come out. She must think that she is a massage therapist the way she takes that thing all over my body! She can't just use one, she has a whole bag full of little accessories! I always let my self get a little drowsy and sleepy eyed when she does my face so maybe she will think that I enjoy it! Then it's out with the spray bottle of girly scent. Doesn't she know that I want to smell like a stud!

Oh yeah, here we go with the saddle! Sometime she manages to get it on right the first time! Boy, I sure have her fooled when it comes time for the bit. She always warms it up first in her hands and I know she is thinking she will get it the first time. I just figure that she needs the practice so I scrunch my mouth as tight as I can and turn my head sideways! She thinks that if she puts a finger in my mouth that it just might help.I usually let her try at least three times before I let her put it in. It helps to build her confidence!

Then into the arena we go, where we need to adjust our attire again! She not only has to put all this fancy stuff on me she thinks that I might decide to be a bad boy and has to put one of those silly looking things on her head!

So what kind of work am I going to make her do tonight! I always just start off in a nice walk around the arena so she can get herself warmed up. After a couple of times around the arena I like to do my fancy little walk jog so I can really impress her! Then I figure she is really ready to work, so I break out into a trot so she can post! That will get her moving!

Now she thinks that I am going to show her how to do this trick!

Here we go again, posing for pictures! At least she did something with her mane!

I figure that I would really make her day special and give her a big smooch and hug!



  1. Hee hee! Albert, you are very tolerant and a good boy. Except when you clamp your mouth shut for that bit! I thought I might have some luck with you, but no such thing. At least you give up eventually. Gotta keep your cowgirl on her toes, I guess! Enjoy your "girl" Albert, and take good care of her!

  2. You better be nice to Albert! He might just decide to give you a toss!

  3. Albert seems like such a patient boy. I am proud of you mom for going to the barn and practicing your novice moves on him!

  4. Albert is so pretty! I have been waiting to see more pictures of him! Looks like you had lots of fun!

  5. Everything we do to our horses sure sounds silly when they get to do the talking! I tend not to let Jesse grab the "mike" from me too often cause I am sure he would really spill the can of wroms he would open up!!!

  6. I really like that last shot a lot!

  7. Ahh, what a beautiful boy Albert is!!! Love the post, I too love the last picture.