Friday, March 27, 2009

3rd Generation Pony Cousin Members!

a charming little girl she was!

Pale, fragile, light,

She looked as though

a breath would send her flying

like a feather to the skies...

Anton Chekhov

"The Pixie Princess"

"The Cowgirl Princess"
"The Pirate Princess"

I love you my little cowpokettes !
Love Nanette


  1. Cute photos of the future Pony Cousin Rodeo Princesses. The last one of the pirate princess on equicousin Skyler reminds me that we should be discussing the possibility of a PC "Saddle Up" weekend. I will get on the task soon.

  2. Only if you bring a future princess with you!
    The "3 P's" are adoreable!!!

  3. Yes we've got some beautiful childrens in the family, too bad I can't take any credit, as none of them look like me. I guess Aunties are too far from the gene pool!

  4. I love the one of the cowgirl princess on Dusty! That is so cute, she looks so comfortable laying there on his neck! She needs her own pony! ;)

  5. Aren't they adorable! Can't wait til they get ponies of their own!

  6. I bet your Pirate Princess will have long enough legs to get her feet in those stirrups this year!