Saturday, August 29, 2009


I am so excited! The Desert Rose, Little Lady, and the King came to visit and ride for a few days. When Dusty Devoe and I got out to the barn our guests had pulled in just ahead of us. The Desert Rose got her Little Lady out and tied her up to the trailer and handed me Kings lead rope and said go get your horse , so I said ok, and started to get in the trailer, and she says " NO, I SAID GO AND GET "YOUR" HORSE! " I looked at her and said "YOU MEAN HE'S REALLY MINE?" with tears in my eyes. And she said "YEP" HE'S ALL YOURS!!! Oh , what a feeling that was!! I felt like I had just given birth a 1000 lb. baby. And how privileged I felt to be able to have this majestic "KING" in my life. I am so looking forward to spending hopefully the rest of my riding years with him! The first day I got to take him out on the trail I truly felt like a "QUEEN" with her "KING."


Saturday, August 22, 2009

The elusive river ride!!!

What a glorious time the "PONY COUSINS" had on their trip!!
This is where I spent most of my time looking between the majestic "KINGS" ears!! He was a good boy for most of the trip! He is
very attached to "LITTLE LADY" and wants to be with her !! On our last day there, Dusty Devoe, The Desert Rose and I went on our last trail ride to find the elusive river that the Pony Cousins could not find the night before!
The scenery was beautiful and it was a warm sunny day!

Look what we have here! The road is washed away! Never fear, The Desert Rose and her Little Lady will get us through!

We had to take a little detour down the hill and then back up again!

Yes, we did find the river!! The horses got to have a drink of water and we sat and had our lunch! It was decided that next year all the "PONY COUSINS" will take the ride and we will all go skinny dipping! Well, maybe the young ones!!!

It was a good three hour ride but so worth it!!! I didn't get to ride "King" in the trail course or the rodeo! He says, " That stuff isn't for me, my expertise is on the trail! Give me a good old trail anytime and I am ready to go!!!" I rode" Little Lady" in our rodeo! We went in the trot category and lost some points a couple of times. It wasn't her fault it was mine!!We got fourth place in barrel racing and the relay race! We got sixth place in the key hole and eighth place in pole bending and trail course! It was fun to ride her! Maybe next year I will be brave and go into the loping events with her and take the crown!!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I hear my Auntie calling my name! I wonder what she could possibly want!

I guess I should be a gentleman and wander over and she what she needs today!

I'm here! Lets get this show on the rode! I am not known for my patience you know!!!

Maybe if I stick my tongue out at her she will just turn around and go back and not want to ride me today!!! No chance cause I heard her tell the Cowboy the other day that she decided to "COWGIRL THE $%&@# UP! It's like, what the heck does that mean???

So here we are out and she's not so bad after all. I of course was being quite the gentleman today if I say so myself!! You gotta love those "COWGIRLS!"

Dusty Devoe and her Copper Pony rode behind us today. That seemed to go rather well, he knew he'd better not mess with me!

I was a wonderful guy today! My auntie, "A Cowgirls Grace" just needs to relax a little when we are standing around not doing anything. I Just want to get on the move and feel the groove!!
Oh ya, when we were all done, she takes this brush and goes all over my face. It feels so so good. I haven't been allowed to try and rub my face on her! What is up with that?? It is so worth being a good guy, look at all the goodies I get. Apples and carrots and raisins and peppermint yummies! I heard that she ate my oatmeal cookie she bought special for me!

AH, let me tell you, that this "KING" is in horsey heaven!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I went out to the barn to see King this morning and ride him in the arena! This picture here was actually taken down at the Desert Rose's. He was a really good boy. I just wanted to practice going around some cones and practice some safety stuff with him. We are going on a trail ride on Saturday and I can't wait! I have been chomping on the "bit" to get back out on him!

He has been a really good boy and I have been trying to work on some ground manners with him. He actually stood pretty still today for me. I have this little brush that I have been using for a special treat on his face. Boy does he like that!! I have really enjoyed going out to the barn everyday to play with him, he is a really neat horse! I am starting to learn some of his habits ! He wants someone to love him! Look out Desert Rose, I just might ride off into the sunset with him!!!
Just look at this regal pose of him!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A cowgirls smile!

This "COWGIRL" is smiling cause she earned her "SPURS" from The Desert Rose!
I feel really honored that The Desert Rose thinks that I have earned these and I would like to thank the "KING" for helping me!

What a beautiful award this is! And they are actually a pair of The Desert Roses spurs!

The "KING" is here visiting me for a week before we go on our big "PONY COUSINS" trip. We haven't got to go on any rides yet, but I am hoping to real soon even if we have to go by ourselves! I might not be able to find my way home, but I'm sure he could! He knows his job very well!
He is a majestic looking fellow isn't he! I have gone out every night to check on him, and tonight he got to run and roll in the round pen! Tomorrow morning he is going to get to run in the arena! Go "KING" Go!!!!! I might not want to give him back when it is time for him to leave!!!