Saturday, January 9, 2010

Peek A Boo Tuesdays

I have always been a person who likes a lot of color
and have always used a lot of it in my home.
I find myself wanting to declutter my mind and
my home rec

The New Year brings new beginnings and
I want things in my life to be much simpler
and calmer feeling.

I have the need to go through everything and
get rid of what I really don't need in my life.
I need to be organized!

This past year my sister, daughter and I went to
a bunch of unique, fun places. The one thing that I
have been so attracted to is everything done in creams, whites,
grays, rustics, shabby, silver, and primitive.
I don't know why I am so drawn to this look,
It's so clean, peaceful and

I feel like I really need this in my life right now!
So step threw my door and take a peek at how I e
my house in the coming New Year!

I would love this in my entry way and
have a sofa table that I could do this with!

I love, love this living room! I think it is fun and whimsical!!
I would throw some burlap pillows with linen on it!!

I would do this first to my home as my kitchen is crying
out for help badly! I have dark brown cabinets and
shiny wood look counters that are so 80's.
It is dark and dreary and a coat of paint on everything
would make it look new and alive! I think that it is the first
project that I need to tackle!!
Love the mirror to give more light!

I couldn't have a table this big but I would be
just fine with a smaller one!!

Anything with letters and numbers seems to be hot right now!

Oh, how I would love my laundry room to be organized!
You can never see the floor for all the dirty clothes!!

A cozy little corner to curl up with a good book!

I love old books and have a lot of them!!

I don't have a fireplace but maybe my cowboy could
build me a mantle!!!

A desk to sit down at and write about the days
wonderful happenings!!

And last of all a cozy and inviting bed to curl
up in at night for all those sweet dreams!!

Come peek through my door next week to see
what it brings!!
I can't wait to see what fun things you have
behind YOU
R door!!

If you would like for blogger friends to see
what is through your door on Tuesdays, please
feel free to take my door button below and post it on your
sidebar. Then on Tuesday create your own post! I thought it
might be fun for us to have a day where we could share a
peek of something about ourselves that we didn't know
about each other, our dreams, hopes, fears , whatever
you want to post!! A glim
pse of the unexpected!!

So please come and join me for Peek A Boo Tuesdays!!!


  1. I love everything you have picked out, especially the kitchen! For some reason I am really drawn to the white cabinets. It makes everything look so clean and bright. The bedroom looks awfully cozy too!
    You and mom have such great taste, when I get a bunch of money I am having you guys up here to redecorate my house!

  2. Ah would be great to have an uncluttered home, life and relationships. I have been saying that for years only to get one cupboard cleaned out and then I refill it before I know it!

  3. LOVE all of this. If only... I won't even bother dreaming about having a crisp clean white house. I gotta stick with the browns, the dark the better, they cover up stains!! Haha. Funny that you posted about this right now, as I have a home decor related post coming up too!

  4. Love those pictures. The kitchen one is my favorite because we are getting ready to do a kitchen remodel.. and painting our cabinets white is on my list! I love the sink as well and I have been hunting for one. I also love that laundry room. I so wish I had the artistic ability to create something like in the pictures!

  5. I posted a comnment last night, and it is not here. I love all the pictures you picked out. They are very much me!!! Heehee. Guess that's because we are twins. I was thinking about doing a post kinda like this too. How funny.

  6. I loved all the beautiful photos you picked and love the look of the shabby chic look. Love the bedroom with the netting! Makes me want to dream!!!! My house is always cluttered and I am always vowing to do better....but it is a hard thing to do and hard to get rid of treasures. I am going to do much better this year! :)

  7. What a nice post! I LOVE all your photo choices. I too love the white, clean, crisp look and I love how the shabby touches really give a calming affect to it! But, I could cry now, cuz I know this will cause me to start redecorating something, AGAIN....

  8. We all have such a similar decorating style, we really need to open our own shop! ;) I will have to get something together to participate in one of your peek-a-boo Tuesdsays! Have a great week!

  9. My decor is shabby chic with a western twist, don't you wonder how that looks! I love white, cream and taupe. The images you choose are so what I love and strive for. Have fun on your projects !!!