Sunday, January 24, 2010

Go #908

Wow!! Here is my little funny face boy Albert at a schooling show!!
Go # 908!!
Dusty Devoe and I went to a horse show Saturday where
five girls from the barn participated!! We had alot of fun
cheering them on!!
One little Gray Dappled horse I was especially interested
in seeing was Albert!! He has alot of training and I am
so happy that he has someone who is riding him!!

Meet Haley. She is only 12 years old and been taking
lessons for a year and is doing wonderful!!

She is the kind of girl I would love to have my granddaughter
hang out with. She is a sweetheart!!
I was very disappointed that I had to leave before the
Western Pleasure came on. So I missed seeing them, but you
can be sure that I am going to go next month and watch!!
I want to see just what my funny faced little boy can do!!
Go Albert and Haley!! I will be cheering you on!!


  1. That is so neat that you got to go watch a schooling show. Too bad you didn't get to see Albert!! Do you know how Haley and Albert did in their class?

  2. I am so excited that Albert has his own person! I know he was special to you and he taught you a lot, but he was born to be a show horse and I think he will do so well. I'm so glad you guys had fun watching the show, I hope to come down sometime and go to one with you. Oh, and you guys have to come up and go to one of the Arabian shows where Paint Girl is this summer! :)

  3. It was fun wasn't it. A nice change.

  4. That's cool that Albert gets to strut his stuff again. He's such a handsome boy.

  5. Good morning! Not sure how I got here but what a neat blog! I follow another cowgirl blog from someone in Nevada. My granddaughters love horses but I haven't ridden in years and years!

  6. I am glad Albert is getting to do something special, he seems like such a beautiful boy. Oh and Jenny Matlock is VERY funny, you should definitely visit her blog!

  7. How fun to see your "other boy" at the time plan on staying longer! How's the King doing???

  8. Oh I had forgotten just how cute Albert is! I bet you miss him but I am so glad you have the King now all for you own.