Monday, January 4, 2010

Lots of rides!!

I have been waiting patiently for my granddaughter's
to be at the house at the same time so they could
ride King for the first time!
The Desert Rose said that he would do ok to put the
little ones in the saddle with me cause he has had
a dog in the saddle with him!!
He did so good and even went beyond my expectations
with the girls!!

I put the two little one's right in the saddle with me so we could
gait. They loved that!!

OK, she says, I'm here and I am ready.
You don't want to mess around with this little granddaughter!!

Dusty Devoe was nice enough to let us ride Dusty too so we
could ride at the same time!!

Doesn't that smile just about say everything!!

This granddaughter is too big to put in front of me,
so I had to run along side of King so he could gait slowly!!
I thought to myself ok we can do this and he did just super!!
I know he knew that they were little !
It wore me out that is how out of shape I am trying to run
in the arena!! It was so worth it cause she loved it!!
My King has given me so much faith in myself!!

This little one is only two and she laughed and
laughed when we went a little fast!! She did not want
to get off of King!! The first thing she had to tell her
mom was that she got to ride The King!! I can't
wait until she gets to come back to ride again!!
I'm already trying to figure out a way that
the two older girls can have a few lessons!!!

Happy Trails To Everyone!!!


  1. Yay, start em early, and the bug will be caught for good. I started riding when I was 5 and look at me now! Neither of my parents were horse people, but I guess it was just meant to be. Looks like they're getting the perfect introduction to the wonder of horses!

  2. Any horse that will carry a yellow Lab on his back...will certainly carry your little Angels! You can start giving them lessons now...You KNOW your king. Start by talking to the girls about the 3 ways to communicate with horses...I will talk to you in a private email about this but YOU can do this!

  3. Glad they all had so much fun. Won't it be interesting to see who ends up being "pony girls" when they grow up? Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. I'm placing my bets on the one that tried to steal My Boy, though! :) I think she's in for life!

  4. Great pictures of some happy little cowgirls in the making!!!

  5. Horses are the best things for children! Loved the photos and I know they are talking up the fun they had with you all riding!
    Happy New Year!

  6. They all looked like they had so much fun! Who wouldn't at that age?
    I can tell how confident you are becoming with the King, you look very good on him!!

  7. Those moments are so magical when you realize how gentle a horse can be with a child.
    Your King is what we call a "Professor" around here - A wise friend, teacher and care-taker.

  8. That tiny one is so darned cute about the horses! You wouldn't think at her age she would be since she isn't around them all the time, but darned if she doesn't remember an get so excited! P.S. The biggest one just told me she wants to ride more but you always make an excuse why she can't go, FYI!

  9. Now that looks like a great day for grammas! Wonderful pictures...I'm so glad king is working out so well with all the little ones, Professor really fits him.