Saturday, January 16, 2010

King Playing

I have been wanting to get a video of King running
in the arena. I am a camera dummy so I had my
daughter get it all set up for me and of course when
I got ready to use it I had bumped it somehow and
couldn't get it to work. I had no glasses with me to
see anything or get it reset , and on and on!! Lucky
for me Dusty Devoe is handy with hers and got some
video for me! The background noise you hear is the
dryer going clear across the arena!! I'm not sure that
king particularly liked it! He was really wound up
and running and kicking up his heels today!!
Pretty good for a 25 year old man!!!


  1. He sure looks like he was havn' lots of fun! I love to watch them free play.

  2. He was really full of himdelf there!!! Do you ever take his blanket off for free play???

  3. I love to see them enjoying themselves like that. But I am truly blessed -- I get to see them outside my window every day.

  4. He does look full of it! I love how he runs up to the gate and about knocks down Dusty Devoe all snorty and such, hee! I would take off the blanket, it might help him to run more freely. Of course you know he's going to get down and roll in that dirt but heck he's 25- let the ole man live a little! ;) He's earned it!

  5. Pony Girl, I usually leave his blanket on cause he was bathed before I put it in him for the winter, but I think he probably could have it off now to play cause he's already stinky!! I've been thinking about giving him a bath here real soon!!

  6. Awww! Look at the King run and buck!! He is so cute!