Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome to Peek A Boo Tuesday!!
I love to knit but don't find much time to
do it anymore! I have so many projects
that I have started and never finished!!
My favorite one that I did manage to get
done was one that was started by my
mother-in-law before she passed away.
She had started knitting afghan's for
all her grandchildren but did not get them
finished. However, she did have some of the
strips done for my oldest daughter.
I wanted all of my children to have something
of her's because she was a wonderful women!
I knew that there was no way that I could get
four of them done in such a short time before
Christmas. My mom also knits and told me
that she would help me. So I bought the rest of
the yarn that we needed and we both got to work.
She of course was done before me because she
knits faster than I do!!

I was very happy with the way that they all turned out!

But the most special thing about it was that they
all received an afghan made from both of their
grandmothers and mother! My daughters have
often told me that it was one of their favorite
gifts that they ever received!!
I always hoped that maybe my mother-in-law
was looking down at us and seeing how beautiful
they turned out!!
Maybe this will inspire me to finish some
of my other knitting projects I need to finish!!


  1. It was definitely one of my favorite gifts. I never want to use it for fear it will get used looking!

  2. That's really cool, and the results beautiful. My hands and wrists are so trashed from years of mousing, I had to give up any kind of needle work. I did a bit of crocheting, crewel, and cross-stitching.

  3. Hey cowgirl bloggy friend!
    I just stumbled across you site and LOVE it! Just enjoying your photos and reading your posts blessed my heart and made me want to go saddle-up!

    My trusty steed, Peppy (black quarterhorse gelding) is retired now - 24 years young, so I'm letting him live a life of horsey leisure and don't ride him much anymore. He always brings a smile to my face and my heart still skips a beat when I'm with him....even after all these years!

    I'm following your blog now and look forward to stopping by and getting my horse "fix"!

    Yee Haaa and Sweet Blessings!

  4. How beautiful. Cowboy H and I have the beginnings of a quilt handmade by his great-grandmother. His grandmother also did a little work on it too. We really need to get it finished, but I have no skill whatsoever in the sewing department!

  5. What a great thing to pass down generation to generation. I would not use it either.

  6. That is probably one of the best gifts that anyone could ever give or get. I Judisum we have a saying..."L'Dor L'Dor" from generation to generation. It is a very meaningful thing for families to share!

  7. They turned out beautiful!! love the one I have from Buba! I don't use it, I guess I am saving it, but I suppose I should use it!
    I read on Cousin B's blog that you and mom might start trading ponies for experience...I agree, what a great idea! I told Paint Girl that after a few of my lessons, I'll be ready to ride Brandy a bit this summer, too! :)

  8. Your blankets made by the loving hands of their mom and grandmothers are truly a testament of love but the true testament is the feeling of gratitude of the receivers. You have done a beautiful job of raising your daughters as they truly value such a honored and precious gift.