Friday, January 22, 2010

Equine Award

The King and I have decided to give out another award!
This one is an Equine Award!
Most of you know about the exciting trip that the
Desert Rose, Baby Doll and The Bossman experienced!!
Our award is for "JESSE" the Desert Rose's beloved partner!


The King and I give this award to honor you!
You have preformed above and beyond
your duty to fulfill your part of the Equine
Journey with your partner!
You have shown
You "Persevered" and carried your partner
to the end of your journey!
You showed great "COURAGE."
You have amazing "LOYALTY"
towards your partner!
My "HEART" is full of gratitude for
bringing our loved ones home safely!


You are a shining star in our hearts!!

Your Equine Friend


  1. What a wonderful award! Congrats to the brave Jesse, who got dehydrated in the battle, to bring home our cousin home safely!
    Have a good weekend, Auntie. I hope you get some precious time w/your King! :)

  2. Jesse and I are overwhelmed with this award! Jesse had to work much harder than the other 2 horses becuase of his asthma to bring us home safely. I truely belive he would have gone to his death if that was what was called for...and he almost did! I get chills everytime I think about what he did for Baby Doll and me!!! Thank You King and Sissy for Jesse's award!

  3. Jesse is a real fighter all right. He did his Mama proud! Congratulations Jesse!

  4. A fellow horse person with a wonderful blog. Enjoyed it and will stop back!

    Woofy Woo to you from Lookie Lou and the Show Crew

  5. I think Jesse's Indian name should be "Braveheart."
    He is a real treasure and deserves this award.

  6. Yea, I think that is what we should call him from now on!!