Sunday, May 3, 2009

We had a beautiful sunny weekend and it was a good time to go out browsing! Dusty Devoe, Sares and I found a place called


They had alot of fun stuff to look at!

There were candles, rugs, old dishes, luggage, tables, pans, blankets. They had homemade bread and cookies! Outside they had all kinds of things for the yard!

So of course I had to see what treasures I could bring home for the day!I have been coveting a yoke and I found one for eight dollars!

I found this cute little candle which actually is just a little light with a battery inside that makes it look like it is flickering!

I love cowbells and have always wanted to start collecting them, so I just had to have this one!

This is a hand painted letter holder that I thought was really cute!

An old lantern to hang outside and put a candle in!

Some homemade candles that smell like cinnamon, and a cute little homemade tea towel that would make a perfect gift for someone!

Next time I just might come home with this covered wagon! Wouldn't that be a fun adventure to go on!!!


  1. What a neat place that was, right up our alley.
    As for the covered wagon, I have never envied that mode of transportation or even been curious to try it. It seems like it would be miserable. I'd rather ride a horse!

  2. I will be home in 2 weeks and hope to go explore with you all soon...remember...I get the good stuff 1st!!!
    The Desert Rose!

  3. Looks like you found yourself alot of goodies!
    What a great place! When I am unemployed, I will be coming down to check all these places out with you guys! I won't be able to buy anything but I can sure look!

  4. I'm so glad I don't live near you -- I'd get in trouble if I hung out with you gals!

  5. OH, neat stuff!!! I love the old claw foot tub, we used to have one in our other house, loved it! I haven't been out antique hunting in a long time, I think it's time to make a trip to some shops!!!
    ~Jane and Gilly~

  6. My kinda place and stuff. You gotta get the wagon !

  7. that would of been my kinda place too! Love that covered wagon!

    I want to go flea marketing.. it is that time of year.. you did good!

    Jan :)