Friday, May 15, 2009

My Favorites For Friday

I love crosses! I think that most people do. I found this cross necklace at the goodwill for a very good price and thought to myself, this would look great for the annual "Pony Cousins Trip"
I thought that it was really pretty and the design is on both sides!

I love this picture frame with the cross on it!

I got this candle holder from my daughter-in-law.

I have this cross hanging on my wall.

I think that people love crosses because of what they represent. They give me a peaceful feeling when I look at them!


  1. Now you'll have to shop to find the perfect outfit to go with that necklace. Shopping ... darn!

  2. I think the cross on the wall is my favorite. We'll have to go shopping for some more to add to your collection!

  3. What a great goodwill find! Lucky you! Where did you get that cool frame? It's lovely! Don't say the Dollar Store- if it was, you have to run down and pick me up one! :) xo

  4. I LOVE that cross necklace! I have been wanting one for so long! I can't spend money like I use too, so I hope to find a cheap one someday!

  5. What a beautiful collection of crosses.
    I like the one on the wall ,well truthfully I like them all :)
    Kind of hard to choose just one.
    Blessings for your weekend.

  6. I love the crosses Jet! There is an atmosphere like that in a bar called the House of blues. Great Place! Even better memories...hee! hee!