Thursday, May 7, 2009

Favorites For Friday

We once owned a home at the beach! It was one of my favorite places that we have lived! We were lucky enough at that time where we worked for four day's and then had four day's off. So we would hop in the car and head to the beach to our little home. I loved it ! There is something about the beach that is just so wonderful and peaceful. This was the back of the house which was actually out front when you drove up to it!

I loved working in my yard while we were there!

This was the view from the front yard!

The view from our deck over the water was beautiful!

I spent alot of time on the beach with my dog Jax. He and I would walk for hours looking for goodies! He was always my faithful companion! We would get up at the crack of dawn and walk for hours! It funny how life can change and your interest goes in different directions! I loved what I did back then and I now love my interest in horses!


  1. So glad you LOVE EQUINES NOW!!! I am bringing one home from the desert for you to ride this summer!!! We will have some practice rides and then for the Pony Cousin Stampede you and your mount will feel like old friends!!!

  2. How lucky you were able to enjoy that beautiful home for a time in your life.

  3. Such beauty ,oh to be surrounded by things you love what a sweet privilege.
    Have a blessed Mothers Day .

  4. I miss the beach, I miss the beach! Your little place was lovely. xo

  5. I loved your beach house! I always looked forward to going down to the beach to visit all of you! I miss it too, but I really love how you are now into horses! Here's to many horse back riding trips!

  6. I miss the beach house so much. We created some great memories there. Maybe we should consider returning this summer for a weekend? I sure am up for a long beach walk, some antique shopping and building a sandcastle!