Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day

I spent my Mothers Day working in my yard! I love this time of year when things start to come up and bloom . So far my roses look good, but give them another month and they will look awful. Every year I say I am going to pull them out and start over but I keep giving them one more chance!
I have lavender and pink carnations planted here so that should smell yummy when they bloom!

I love any kind of grasses and have all kinds of them planted in my yard with my flowers. I tend to like things that blow in the wind!

Every year I have to have a color theme! Last year it was pinks and reds! This year I am going for creams and whites, all different colors of lavender , and I haven't decided what my punch color will be yet! Any ideas?

I lost a big plant this winter that was in the middle of my flower bed, so I need to replace that, just don't know with what. I have hosta's that are in front of that spot that get pretty big.

I will show the back yard when I get it weeded! I have some poppies that are beautiful when they bloom! I tend to not work on that area so much cause no one sees it!
I tried a little garden spot out back last year but it didn't
do very good , not enough sun. I might try again in a different spot, I love fresh things to eat!
I am envious of anyone who gets to have a big garden, we just don't have the room to do it.


  1. Looks pretty so far, can't wait till August when it fills in more. You'll have to keep on top of the gardener to water everything good!

  2. Wow, everything is really blooming and looking nice, Auntie! I love the color scheme you chose. Those grasses remind me of the beach! ;)

  3. A "POP" color...yellow would be mellow! Orange would be WOW! Everything looks great~~~!

  4. Oh please come to my house. I'm so NOT a gardener or landscaper. I take no joy in it whatsoever. Even xeriscaping is too much work for me!

  5. I am with Leah, please come to my house! I have a hard time weeding because of my knees. I hired the neighbor girl last year, and this year, I am hiring my OH's mom! I love a pretty yard!

  6. Lovely garden beds.
    I like to try for color schemes.We live in a rental so it is sometimes a challenge.
    Last year it was all yellow,red,and lots of green with a sprinkling of white.
    This year I am headed for many shades of purple,a little pink,and a tropical orange.
    There are splashes of yellow here and there.
    I love the photos that you shared they were so pretty.
    Thank you for your wonderful post .
    Have a blessed week.

  7. The gardens look really good, I love this time of year.. all the new growth..

    Good job there sister cowgirl!

  8. Such pretty flowers ~ I really like the colors you picked out this year.