Monday, February 8, 2010

Peek A Boo Tuesday

Presents for King!
I have a secret!
I'd rather shop for my horse than myself!
How about you?

When we got to go to Las Vegas with the
"Desert Rose" she gave me and Dusty Devoe
money to spend on whatever we wanted!
There were so many choices, it was really
hard to decide what to get.
When I saw this I knew that I had to have it for


A black and white hair on hide
headstall and breast collar
with silver conch's!
I'm saving it for riding this summer.

When I first started riding and leasing Albert I
bought me a new saddle. King came with a saddle
and mine did not fit him so I sold it right before
Christmas and had money to spend at the store that
sold it for me. I finally went shopping this weekend
and had alot of fun buying for King.
He got a new bit to go with his new headstall
and I found some reins to match.
I bought some saddle bags for hittin' the
trails this summer!

This is a new saddle pad that I bought him
this weekend.

I saw this blanket and had to have it. He looks so good in red!

My most favorite thing is his Pendleton blanket
that I bought down in Las Vegas. I can't wait to
get this on him!

And of course my new Chinks to match him!

My beautiful "KING"
is going to look so
handsome this summer.



  1. King will look so handsome in all the bright colors!

  2. My goodness, you are stylin'! I was looking at a bag just like the black one, only it was red. I left it there ... this time.

  3. Ohhhhhh so beautiful is the King gonna be! I am so jealous you have a horse to buy all that cool stuff for! I bought chinks for my niece for Christmas and they are almost as pretty as yours!

  4. King is going to be one blinged out pony!

  5. OMG! He's going to be gorgeous! I love all the stuff you've picked out for him...Better watch it though, or no one will notice you! hee! hee!

  6. Gorgeous! Befitting of a King ..with his Queen!

  7. I want pictures of the royal pair....

  8. This is great tack for a beautiful horse - and I also love Pendleton!

  9. Hi, I found your blogg on AINOSOIFIA SISUSTUS (DECORATE)´s blogg. Visiting you for the first time and you have soo nice pictures of your beautiful horse :)
    I have fjordhorses, one Welsh Cob and a Connemara-stallon in my stable...It´s a lot of work with the horses, but I love it and I also know so well that a "Horsegirl" rather will buy things for her horses than to herself ;)
    Greetings from Finland

  10. I'm so afraid of horses! I want to love them, so I'm going to keep up with you.