Monday, February 1, 2010

Peek A Boo Tuesday

Welcome to Peek A Boo Tuesday!

One project done!
Many more to go!
My Loveleigh Daughter painted my shelf for me.
This is what it looked like before.
I forgot to take a picture of it with
all the junk on it and I really mean
it was a catch all for everything!
I think that you will be pleasently surprised.

Yee Haw!
I love how it turned out. I really tried
to keep it clean and not put to many
treasures on it. I decided less would be more!

Notice all my Pony Cousins that I
have a crown sitting on top of
my trophy so when the "KING" and
I take it from one of you this year
we will be ready!

My grandmothers candelabra
that my uncle bought her many years ago.

The cowboy boots are my grandsons
which are to big for him so I decided
to use them for bookends.

All the little birds and the lamb
are from the $Dollar store.
Aren't they cute?
Everything else I have had except
the "K" which I got at Michaels,
of course for "my King"
I can't wait for the next project
which is going to be either my
entry way table or another
bookcase I have. Will keep you posted!


  1. Wow...that turned out really beautiful!!! Love the white, all the silver, and of course pictures of your KING!!!

  2. Oh, I love it! So country and clean. I specially love all the photos of King, he is so handsome and photogenic. I think its great how he matches your color-scheme!

  3. Oh so pretty! I did not know anything could be as cute as your little treasures you got at the Dollar Store, I never see anything this cute when I go there! It feels so good to make things your own and yours are very beautiful! I am still working on mine! I am going to grab your idea and start a peek a boo on Tuesdays soon

  4. Looks so fabulous! I think it needs to be the founding shelf for our new business! :) Well- not that one shelf specifically, but as inspiration for our goals. And Sares can be our merchandising expert!!

  5. Most my furniture is I sometmes like to paint them white. Nothing like a country white to showcase my ole finds beautifully ....just like your "new" shelving has done for your pretty keepsakes.

  6. Looks GREAT! I like the almost monochromatic palette.

  7. I think it looks really pretty and I don't know why everyone is so surprised you decorated it, where do they think I learned to do these sort of things!

  8. That is the coolest thing! I'm glad you took pics of every shelf - very cool decor.

  9. Just came across your blog - looks like fun!