Sunday, February 28, 2010

First ride of the season!


It was a beautiful sunny day here in
the Pacific Northwest!!
My gear is all ready!

Went and grabbed "MY KING"
Got him groomed and saddled up..

And away we go on our first trail ride of 2010!!
I'm lovin' being behind these ears today!!

I have to admit that I was a little nervous
heading out. This would of been the first
time at the beginning of a season that I
didn't have my security blanket
We had Cowboy T go out and unlock the gate
ahead of time for us, sometime Dusty wants
to follow the little cart back in.
We got about a quarter of the way threw the
field and King goes down. He does stumble
once in awhile, I just didn't expect it so soon.
So he has grass stains on his legs! We did
decide later that it was just a day for that
cause Dusty stumbled several times too,
which he never does.
We get to the gate and Cowboy T unlocked it
but didn't open it so Dusty Devoe had to get
off to open it and Dusty must of spooked or
something cause he is going backwards
and pulling on his lead rope, but he does stop.
I thought for a minute he was going to run back
to the barn. Well, so far so good right!!!
Or not!!
Dusty Devoe got back on and King and I
get in the lead and you could tell that they
were excited and snorty.
There is this one spot at the beginning of our ride
that the horses can act up a little, King usually does not.
We think that the deer bed down in this area.
We kept them on the flat and pretty much open area
today. I could tell that King was excited and I
had to keep telling myself to relax and talk to him,
cause he is used to that. After one time around
the loop he gave me his little special sound that
I knew he had relaxed a little bit.
So I relaxed even more!
When we got back to the spot where we were
going to head home again and into the trees
his walk picked up and he was prancy and snorty and he
had his head held really high and I wasn't to sure
I was going to like what the outcome
of this ride was going to be!!
Was he going to listen to me, was I going to
go for a ride of my life!
I guickly grabbed the reins to direct rein,
I feel like I have more control cause thats how
Phyllis taught me to ride, and told my self..
Ok, Cowgirljlynn, you can do this, he is your
King and you know he will listen to you!
Yee Haw, we made it threw that part of the ride!
We get threw the gate and Dusty Devoe yells at me to stop!
There are a couple of horses in the field next to us and
they came running up behind Dusty and spooked him,
but she did just fine!!
A great big high five to us today!!

So my beautiful
I can't wait until next weekend
and our next adventure together!
I love you silly boy!!
Ride Baby Ride!!


  1. Yes that was really fun. It was a little scary, but we plowed through it! They weren't naughty. They just need to get used to all of it again too!

  2. Sounds like you guys handled the first mini trail ride of the season! Things will always happen out there, and horses are still fresh in February. No high temps to keep them mellow, LOL! Sounds like you handled King's little "I want to go back to the barn" moment, and mom handled Dusty's spook. Horses running up alongside a fence while you are riding can really ignite a little spooky spree! Just remember to breathe and stay relaxed, and that will help the horses stay calm, too!

  3. So glad you guys got to get out for a ride!! It does get a little scary when they get all snorty, but you guys handled it well, and I am so proud of you!

  4. Sometimes I think they do that snorty prancy thing just to keep us on our toes.

  5. Oh my! That sounds very scary to me. I'm impressed you didn't quit. I don't think I could ever get thru the scary moments. Can you have a horse as a pet like a dog or cat? I have thought about that. I think I will keep knitting.
    Glad you enjoyed your ride.

  6. I am so glad you had the chance for a winter ride. The two of you can be somewhat comical when you get together (for me, as an outsider and as your daughter), so I imagine there were moments which were rather funny...after the fact, of course!

  7. I'm proud of you two for tackling the trails! And without the Desert Rose no less! Whoo Hoo! I can't wait till we can all ride together again....

  8. You both did such a great job...I am proud of you for working through it and cowgirlingthef$#%up! I forgot to tell you on the phone...try to stay out at least an hour whenever you go out on the is much better for their heads and they should not get as snorty when going home! And next time they should not snort as much...Tell the King that aunite Rose does not want to have to give him a tune up when I come up there...but I will if he continues his snortyness!!! LOL