Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Las Vegas Giveaway!!
You only have six more days to guess what kind of chinks you think I might
buy while I am at Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas!!

I decided to throw in this scarf I made and this cute little Cowboy boot for the tree!
I will be buying something else on my trip for the giveaway!!
So get your guesses in and Las Vegas here we come!!!

Click on the picture above to vote for your choice of Chink color!! Good luck to all!!


  1. Love the scarf! Will you make me one if I don't win it (LOL! I'm thinking positive!) if I buy you the yarn??? Have fun in Vegas, wish I could be there. Take lots of pictures!! xo

  2. I've never been to LA. sounds like a wild and fun time...enjoy. Sarah

  3. You won't be disappointed with Cowboy Christmas - it was awesome. I also really liked the Country Christmas show.