Sunday, November 8, 2009




"Cowboy Christmas" here we come!
Dusty Devoe and I are so blessed to have the sister that we do!
She is taking us to Las Vegas for Cowbo
y Christmas for four days!!
How lucky are we! Two whole days of shopping for nothing but cowgirl
bling, belts, purses, or whatever your heart desires!
Guess what is number one on my list!
You guessed it, a pair of chinks!
So here's the deal, I am going to show you a few of the Pony cousins dressed up in their cowgirl duds! I'm going to have a contest to see who can pick out the color of chinks that y
ou think that I just might buy while I am there!! When I get back I will put all of the winners into a hat and draw one for a gift from Cowboy Christmas!!

Could it be a pair of rust brown ones? I really like the stars on these, my headstall and breast collar have stars on them!!

I love the hand toiling on the top of these and down the side!!

I love how the fringe on the bag and chinks are the same color!!

Oh yea, the red chinks!! Love these and the bag too!

Oh my, aren't these just to die for!!

Golden Chamois just like butter!! Bet they feel as smooth too!!

Love the cream shirt with these!!

They also look really good with the turquoise!!

Looks like this cowgirl has a "TUFF" decision to make!!! If you possibly think that I could come home with something else other than what I have shown here, don't be afraid to vote for that!! After all, They just might be hair on hide to match my spur straps!!!
The contest will end on Dec. 7th and sometime that week I will pick a winner!!
Good luck to all you cowgirls out there!!!


  1. I don't think it would be fair of me to comment...except I will be there while you agonize over you choices!!!

  2. I vote for the color red!!! Can I vote for more than one? If so I wish to also say black and white!!!
    I think either one of those combos would look fabulous on the King. Can't tell you how envious I am you guys will be shopping for bling for 4 days!

  3. I think red would look sharp on the King! Also, a rich two-tone brown, with those star conchos to match your headstall. Of course, you will get there and see so many more options that you will fall in love with!
    You will have a great time, can't wait to hear all about it! Are you going to the rodeo at all??

  4. Hey! I will there too!! And I'm shopping for a pair of chinks as well! Ohhh, what fun we could have. I think a pair of black would look good in The King. I'm shopping for a pair of brown ones.

  5. I like the light colored ones. But might not look as good with your darker saddle. Go with whatever your little heart desires!! You guys are going to have so much fun!!

  6. Hay Cowgirljlynn, you might want to check out my blog, You've won something.... :-)

  7. Because he is the King and he is grey I think HOT PINK would look fablous on him!!!!

  8. I think the rust brown with the stars, and the tooled leather belt area.. I love those!!!!

  9. Where in Vegas do you find this, as I will be there in January for my sisters wedding!!

  10. I think they go to an "event" that is called Cowboy Christmas that occurs down there. Don't think it's happening in January...:-( But, they may know of the "vendor" who they get these from???? Hey, Cowgirljlynn, is he local?

  11. My vote is for black!!! Have a wonderful time at Cowboy Christmas!!!

  12. Ooh! You gals are so lucky to be able to attend the Cowboy Christmas! Can you tuck me into your suitcase? hehe!

    My guess is for the Chamois Chinks. With star accents! A little different than what the Pony Cousins are wearing, but a blend of your favorites. I think that combo would make you very happy indeed! (I know it would for me! lol!)

    Happy Shopping!


  13. So...I may decide to buy those star chinks at a discounted price from the DESERT she can buy a new pair for herself!!!

  14. Does the hair on hide count for me if its in my color? I'm thinking Black and white hair on hide. I know you'll look hot either way! Have fun!