Sunday, December 20, 2009


I am finally getting around to picking the winner for my contest!! Sorry that I am a little late!!
I have been very busy trying to get all my x-mas shopping done!
Mission Accomplished!!!
I love my new chinks and when picking out the color that I wanted,
of course I had to color coordinate with my King and what color I thought would look the best on him!! Th
ere were so many choices but I had an idea what I wanted and when I show you"My Kings" X-mas presents (no peeking until Christmas!) you will see that he is definitely a "King" and I will feel like his "Queen" when I am on him!!!

I choose the color "B

The color of the leather on the top and down the side
are fairly close to the color of his saddle.

I can't wait until we get to hit the trail and I get to wear them for the first time!!

I had three of you cowgirls who guessed black, Horse Dreams, Bronco Betsy, and Mama H! I put your names in a hat and let my grandson pick one! And the winner is.....

"Mama H"
Yee Haw!!

So here are your gifts.
The scarf and the Christmas boot!!

A"Cowgirl by choice" necklace!!

And a set of hair on hide coasters!!
I hope that you like all your gifts!!


  1. Whoo Hoo! Those are BEAUTIFUL gifts! And GORGEOUS chinks! I love them! You will be one hot queen in those! And Congratulations to Mama H! I know she'll give them a good home!

  2. Mama H, I bribed the little cowpoke to pull your name, you can pay me later, LOL! Congratulations!

  3. I love the black! It will look very sharp on your King! GREAT fun gifts, I bet Mama H will adore them all!

  4. Well Mama H can sertainly use all of thoses goodys...and may have new new something to share herself along these lines!!! I have worn my new pair 2x and LOVE THEM!

  5. WHOO HOO! Dang, can't believe I actually won! I never win anything. Well, except for the white chocolate easter bunny during spanish that one time in 3rd grade... but, that's another story. Oh, everything will fit in perfectly in our house, especially the coasters since I have two hair on hide hot plates! BTW, I LOVE the conchos you picked. Very classic cowgirl.

  6. Those chinks are gorgeous! I'm jealous.

  7. Wow gorgeous chinks, what a great choice !!! Merry Christmas !!!

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  9. Congratulations to Mama H! What fun prizes!! The chinks look fabulous and you'll look like a Queen wearing them while riding your King. Oops...that wasn't intended how it sounds..ha..ha!