Saturday, October 10, 2009


Alot of awards are given out to special people! I have finally came up with one that I would like to give out. It has taken me awhile to finally get it ready. But here I go!!
I have had the privilege of getting to do alot of trail riding behind this "COWGIRL" this summer!
She brought home a five year old "LITTLE LADY" to ride and of course "MY KING".
This summer has been "LITTLE LADY'S" first trip to the Pacific Northwest. She is used to the Desert and not the Enchanted and Prime Evil Forrest's!
That is where I have watched and listened to everything that The Desert Rose and Little Lady spoke to each other.
There were many times when Little Lady wasn't sure about something and she told the Desert Rose, and she would gently coax and encourage her, helping her to get past that big monster!! I saw Little Lady become so much more confident over the summer. I think it also helped me to become more confident.

She shows leadership and partnership with the Equines that she rides. She is always there for them when they need her guidance and wisdom. She takes a journey with them, teaching them trust and partnership along the way.

She is always willing to ride the equine of the day who seems to be having difficulty coping with the ride!! She embodies the spirit of the "COWGIRL" who is always there for equine or fellow mankind. She has a unique relationship with the equine, I am so envious of the way "MY KING" nickers and talks to her!!!
She encouraged me all summer long with my boy. She has helped me become a better "COWGIRL"

Therefore I am honoring her with The King's and my award, (to only be given by us)





  1. wow.. she deserves it, if she is bored and needs to get another 'little lady' past some challenges (due to lack of riding her I am sure!)... my
    "O Heavens to Betsy" is ready and willing!

  2. What a great sissy you have!!! Yes, she sure does deserve an award and what a nice one you made for her!
    Ride on!!!!

  3. Yes, she does deserve this award!! The DR is amazing!! Congrats DR!

  4. Cowgirljlynn...I am humbled to be branded with this award from you. There was a time where I also was an anxious rider and could not even ride without my trainer. Jesse and Zoe helped me learn and grow and regain my confidence. I am soooooo happy to have "infected" my Pony Cousins with the horse bug...especially my sissy's. We will grow old together riding through the enchanted forests!!!

  5. Fun award! The DR deserves it! Love your new header, what a handsome boy! :) xo

  6. Great award cousin! And DR is very deserving, she has mentored so many of us through so much...And I agree about her leadership and always forthcoming with guidance and wisdom....Congratulations Desert Rose!
    And Cowgirlynn,...I love your header! Give King a hug for me.

  7. Congratulations to Auntie Desert Rose! I'm sure she deserves it, even though I wouldn't know from personal experience, since I don't ride and all! Great idea for an award Mom, you are too smart!

  8. Hey you, you non blogging blogger! Come and get an award I have for you over at LT!