Sunday, September 20, 2009

Trail Rides

Guess where I have been spending all my free time!!!!!
The "KING" and I have got to go on alot of trail rides this week.
Dusty Devoe and I are very lucky in that the stables that we board at have miles and miles of trails behind it.

Last week we went with Dusty Devoe, Cowboy T, and Sally! We had a good ride that day!

I love how the sun shines down threw the trees!

We hit the jackpot this week because The Desert Rose and Little Lady came to stay with us and we rode for three day's in a row! We had great weather, and the horses were all great!!! Except when King decides that Dusty just might steal his girlfriend away and he has to pin his ears back and give Dusty dirty looks!!

Sorry Dusty Devoe that your picture turned out blurry!

The Desert Rose wasn't to sure about the latest fashion find that we wanted her to wear!!!
The dreaded " ORANGE VEST" But she was a trouper and decided to make a fashion statement with us!!!

The trails that we have to ride are really beautiful and the Desert Rose really likes to explore so we found a few new places to ride to!!

We had a great three day's together and even loped up some hills, it felt like I was floating up!! Dusty kept right up with those other three gaited horses!!!
I am totally in love with my "KING"
He is totally awsome and is taking very good care of me!! The Desert Rose couldn't of chosen a better horse for me! After all, I guess one sister should know another sister pretty well!!! And I have the best Sister's in the whole world!!!


  1. She certainly gave you the gift of a lifetime. Until you get the next one anyway! I'm glad you're having so much fun, but since you are gone so much, you better NOT complain about the lack of housework, Since you don't do ANY now!

  2. Sounds like you all had a great time. I am so happy for you and that you are enjoying every minute with King!! And you loped! So neat!
    I hope auntie DR was too upset with the orange vests, but for safety where you ride, it's a smart thing to do. I remember seeing people walking up there with guns to go shooting when we went there to ride. Good for you guys!
    Next time we come down with the horses, you will know all the trails to take us on!

  3. Orange is not one of my best colors...I look better in pink/red! Also if they had been cashmere and not fishnet...i may not have spooked so bad!!!

  4. The gaited lope is like floating....I remember it from the Walker I rode in California! I'm glad you are all getting some good riding time together, very jealous Paint Girl and I can't be there with you guys! I'm also glad you are being safe and wearing those vests.
    p.s. Did you see any vampires on that ride? Looks like Twilight territory, lol! :)

  5. What a lush jungle you were riding in! Glad you had such a great ride together. And the orange vest is quite the fashion statement.

  6. What fun rides we had! Looking foward to many more!

  7. Well you have to be safe and Orange will keep the hunters from shooting you! That is a scary thought to me. I never used to think of such a thing as a teenager riding my horse.

  8. What a lovely place to ride....isn't life just a little more grand with horses in it.