Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I never did get my shelf painted this summer. It seems to have just flown by! I did however have my daughter do a little bit of rearranging for me. I know I can always count on her to do a good job! Here is a picture of my shelf the way it was before the big transformation!!

Here is the shelf now!

She rounded up alot of different things that we had around the house to use! We have some of the cowpokes boots, a cowhide wine holder, (I wonder who drank the wine?), and a tree bark basket with some deer sheds!

The next shelf starts off with some old vases, one of my baby shoes, and a old silver teapot!

The little glass jigger with the handle was my Buba's (Grandmother) toothpick holder, next is a picture of an older woman and her horse and I want that to be me when I get older, still enjoying my horse! Next we have some feathers that were put on my horse on the last Pony Cousins Stampede! The beautiful glass bowl was a gift from my wonderful mother-in law, inside sits a tree bark candle holder! And last of all my cowhide spurs which I have never worn!!

The next shelf starts off with my "PONY COUSINS STAMPEDE" trophy! Then there is a beautiful glass bowl that belonged to my Great Auntie Eva with a horse shoe which was a wedding favor from The Deserts Rose's Cowboy down in the desert. The horseshoe came from the stables where they met. I thought it was a very clever idea! The silver salt and pepper shakers belonged to my cowboys Great Aunt Opal!

Next we have God Bless Cowgirls, I of course, think all Cowgirls are Blessed
Next we have a horse head bookend, a silver candle holder, and a picture of my Prince Albert!

My cowbell, a little songbird standing on some rolled up sheet music , some old bottles, one with heather in it, and one with a cowgirl sign hanging on it!

The last shelf starts of with my old lantern!

Next is my old canteen, a silver tray with a little bird nest, a belt buckle, a Pony Cousin Ribbon, a sign that says: "DANCE like no one is looking" "SING like no one can hear you" "LOVE" like you can't be hurt ! Very good words to live by I think!! Two little stars that say "Dream" and "Imagine" , and another little white bird!

There you have it, the same old black shelf but with all new old treasures!!!


  1. It's beautiful! Every time I see it, I have to stop and admire all of the pretty things. It was fun to learn where they originated and who they belonged to. Special family treasures, for sure!

  2. It looks so good!! I love it! I also really liked hearing where everything came from! A lot of history there!

  3. What a lot of interesting treasures. I like the teapot and the children's boots.

  4. It doesn't need painting. It looks wonderful just like you have it. All of your treasures look perfect there. Each one has a special meaning to you. Very nice.

  5. I think I like the second look better. And I still think it would look good painted white, all your treasures would stand out more. What will we come up with next! Hot pink?!

  6. The "new" shelf arrangement looks great! It's always fun to bring out new to things to the front of the case and spice it up a bit!!!

  7. Is that the bookshelf which sat ontop of the desk in Grandma's guest bedroom? I like all the treasures on it.