Saturday, August 8, 2009

I hear my Auntie calling my name! I wonder what she could possibly want!

I guess I should be a gentleman and wander over and she what she needs today!

I'm here! Lets get this show on the rode! I am not known for my patience you know!!!

Maybe if I stick my tongue out at her she will just turn around and go back and not want to ride me today!!! No chance cause I heard her tell the Cowboy the other day that she decided to "COWGIRL THE $%&@# UP! It's like, what the heck does that mean???

So here we are out and she's not so bad after all. I of course was being quite the gentleman today if I say so myself!! You gotta love those "COWGIRLS!"

Dusty Devoe and her Copper Pony rode behind us today. That seemed to go rather well, he knew he'd better not mess with me!

I was a wonderful guy today! My auntie, "A Cowgirls Grace" just needs to relax a little when we are standing around not doing anything. I Just want to get on the move and feel the groove!!
Oh ya, when we were all done, she takes this brush and goes all over my face. It feels so so good. I haven't been allowed to try and rub my face on her! What is up with that?? It is so worth being a good guy, look at all the goodies I get. Apples and carrots and raisins and peppermint yummies! I heard that she ate my oatmeal cookie she bought special for me!

AH, let me tell you, that this "KING" is in horsey heaven!!!


  1. He sure looks angelic, are you SURE he is a poop around Little Lady, LOL! Don't you think he kind of looks like the horse on your background? Except his mane is a different color.

  2. I agree with Sares, he does look like the horse on your background!
    I am so glad he did well for you! I totally understand the impatience, Fritzy is the same way, from the ground and riding. She just likes to keep moving. But when we stop, she has to stand still!!
    Loved seeing King in the turnout, waiting by the gate and sticking his tongue out!! So, so cute! Are you ready for our Pony Cousins Stampede? :)

  3. Glad you all had a great ride! I think the King is enjoying your company! He may be a little impatient, but such a go-with the flow kind of horse! Board him a new stable for two weeks and trail ride? NO prob for the KING! He's a good ole boy! Enjoy him, he's got lots of savvy trail experience!

  4. I am sure he is missing his "Auntie Rose" bunches!!! LOL

  5. You have the most fun family and this summer get together with you all and the horses is wonderful!!! Most people our age just sit on the sidelines and no way for your group! Hoorahhhhh!!!!! for you all