Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A cowgirls smile!

This "COWGIRL" is smiling cause she earned her "SPURS" from The Desert Rose!
I feel really honored that The Desert Rose thinks that I have earned these and I would like to thank the "KING" for helping me!

What a beautiful award this is! And they are actually a pair of The Desert Roses spurs!

The "KING" is here visiting me for a week before we go on our big "PONY COUSINS" trip. We haven't got to go on any rides yet, but I am hoping to real soon even if we have to go by ourselves! I might not be able to find my way home, but I'm sure he could! He knows his job very well!
He is a majestic looking fellow isn't he! I have gone out every night to check on him, and tonight he got to run and roll in the round pen! Tomorrow morning he is going to get to run in the arena! Go "KING" Go!!!!! I might not want to give him back when it is time for him to leave!!!


  1. Congrats on your spurs.I think when you win the award, you should be given a real pair of spurs!

  2. Those is one pair of pretty spurs, congratulation! You can be proud!

  3. Congratulations on earning your beautiful spurs! Oh, King is a beauty, I don't think I could give him up either!!!

  4. Cute blog! You can make your playlist fit if you adjust the width but you have to do it in like 6 places in the code.

  5. I'm glad you are enjoying the King and I hope you get a ride in on him before the trip!! He is sure handsome, and holding his own at a 25 year old!

  6. So glad it worked out for The King to stay with you as I have my hands full with 9 of my 10 grandchildren in and out og my house all week!!! I will need to nap at the stampede all week!!!
    Oh and...you have to buy your own spurs...those are MINE!