Saturday, August 22, 2009

The elusive river ride!!!

What a glorious time the "PONY COUSINS" had on their trip!!
This is where I spent most of my time looking between the majestic "KINGS" ears!! He was a good boy for most of the trip! He is
very attached to "LITTLE LADY" and wants to be with her !! On our last day there, Dusty Devoe, The Desert Rose and I went on our last trail ride to find the elusive river that the Pony Cousins could not find the night before!
The scenery was beautiful and it was a warm sunny day!

Look what we have here! The road is washed away! Never fear, The Desert Rose and her Little Lady will get us through!

We had to take a little detour down the hill and then back up again!

Yes, we did find the river!! The horses got to have a drink of water and we sat and had our lunch! It was decided that next year all the "PONY COUSINS" will take the ride and we will all go skinny dipping! Well, maybe the young ones!!!

It was a good three hour ride but so worth it!!! I didn't get to ride "King" in the trail course or the rodeo! He says, " That stuff isn't for me, my expertise is on the trail! Give me a good old trail anytime and I am ready to go!!!" I rode" Little Lady" in our rodeo! We went in the trot category and lost some points a couple of times. It wasn't her fault it was mine!!We got fourth place in barrel racing and the relay race! We got sixth place in the key hole and eighth place in pole bending and trail course! It was fun to ride her! Maybe next year I will be brave and go into the loping events with her and take the crown!!!!


  1. You have really pretty pictures from your ride. Of course the countryside has a lot to do with that. You know for a gal that hasnt done much riding and hasnt ridden that particular pony that much, you did great! The King is not an easy pony to ride and you did a super job. It was probably a lot better ride for you 2 w/out having to stop to wait for the other ponies all the time.

  2. Yea! I get to see the river! It looks like a nice river to ride through. Could you ride across it? I sent you a few pics of you on Lady from the rodeo! You did so good on her! The King is so handsome though. He is a great trail horse, and I'm sure when his lady isn't around, he's better behaved for you! ;) xo

  3. Ya...the river ride had a few tricky spots when going down to the river. The wash out, and the a steep hill to get to the bank of the river. Both of my Sissy's did great on it!

  4. The river ride looked like so much fun! Wish we could have done it with you, but next year we will!
    Your pictures are beautiful, it is soooo pretty there!
    I am very proud of you getting on Little Lady during the rodeo, since you've never ridden her before! You did really well, and King took care of you on the trails!! Can't wait to ride with you again!

  5. Whoo Hoo! The river!!! We will definately get there next year! It's really beautiful. Leave it to you girls to be so determined to not go home without it! :-)

  6. What a gorgeous place for a trail ride! Thanks for sharing:)