Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I always enjoyed school before the teenage years came! I had wonderful teachers all through out grade school!
A couple times a year we got to go on field trips. I always looked forward to that. Over Memorial Day we went out to the cemetery and on the way back we drove past one of the places that we went to. I figure that I was probably in the fourth or fifth grade which was many,many moons ago!


I love the old stone!

The front of John and Matilda's home!

The brick path leading up to the front door!

I wonder how many people from far away places walked through this door and what stories they had to tell!

When you look through the windows you can see an old
spinning wheel!

In the other window you can see an old desk!

The house actually is quite small. There is an upstairs and I figure that there were probably two bedrooms up there. With seven children they probably had lots of
excitement always going on!

I wonder if this is the original fence?

Thanks for taking a journey back in time with me!


  1. I must be older than you (HEE HEE) because I don't remember going there. Great history and pictures.

  2. It was fun stopping here with you. I've never been here, only driven past. Thanks for FINALLY posting about our little adventure, now I can have my turn!

  3. Looks like such a great little place! Love the history.