Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We had the "PIXIE PRINCESS "AND "COWGIRL PRINCESS" come to visit this weekend! We had lots of fun and were very busy!
They each got bags with little gifts inside! They were very excited!

They got books and color crayons, sun glasses and cases, sundresses and flip flops! and ribbons and bows for their hair!

We went to the park and explored! Where are you guys, I can't see you!

They had beautiful "FLOWERS"to touch!

The "COWGIRL PRINCESS" looking very serious!

She must of been looking for BUGS!

The "PIXIE PRINCESS" touching Nanette's Flowers!

They love to pick Flowers!

Can I give one to you Nanette?

Two cousins vying for the same ride! I think from the look on the "PIXIE PRINCESS'S face, she has won!!!

Oh, I think that "COWBOY G " is in love with that little "PIXIE PRINCESS!"

We went for lots of walks and bike rides. Boy that little "PIXIE PRINCESS" kept up with us on her little pink and red scooter!

We played in the water on the slip and slide!

Of course, "COWBOY G" had to splash the girls!

Who me?

I can run so fast!

This is so much fun!

OK "GIRLS" here I come for chow! All "COWBOYS" have their "BOOTS" on!

This is some pretty good chow that Bumpa rounded up!

We even had candle light to eat by!

We all went out to the barn so we could ride "THE COPPER PONY!"
I don't know about this says "COWBOY G!"

We all waiting our turn to ride!
I am still not sure if I am ready to put on my spurs!


The "COWGIRL PRINCESS" looks like a pro! She will be barrel racing next!

I just adore this picture! Big "SISTER" is sharing something special with her little "SISTER!"

The "PIRATE PRINCESS" will probably do dressage!

We had tea parties and slumber parties, dress up parties and pony parties, photo parties and dinner parties! And this "NANETTE" is all partied "OUT!!!!"


  1. What a great weekend you had!! They are darling cousin J! I love that you have the opportunity to take them to the barn and put them on a horse. I bet they loved it.

  2. They were lots of fun and wore this Auntie OUT. The Man Cub contributed the lion's share though. You took great pictures, LOVE them and wish they were MINE!

  3. So with Nanette, Grammy and Auntie you are all worn out??? I don't understand how they could run you ragged...Of course I am pondering this from my cozy bed where I hope to be napping soon! I too have been burning my candlabra from both ends only mine was on the PCT!!!
    they are way too cute!

  4. Oh my! They are all getting cuter and bigger every time I see them! Love the pix of Pixie Princess and Mancub in the chair, and all the horse ones are fantastic!! I got tired by just reading your post!