Friday, April 3, 2009

My Favorites For Friday

"Some of my favorite things"

I decided to do some of my favorite things on Friday's!
This is a bookcase in my house which I need to repaint this summer and put some new knobs on the drawer. It was in my husbands (and his four brothers bedroom when they were growing up, so it is quite old!)

Of course I have to have a picture of me and my guy on it!

These are some deer sheds that are sitting on top of a bowl of agates!I bought these horse head bookends at an antique shop! The sign I got at a western store!

I love the words on this sign!

A little bird nest tucked in amongst the books!

My great great grandmother's sewing basket!

The perfect book for me! HORSES FOR DUMMIES!

I love books of all kinds!

A little horse figure and a horse wishing stone!

And of course more Books!


  1. i love bookcases too! wish i had the room for some!

  2. So...when I bought you the book, horse's for dummies I did not mean to say you are a dummie...but I know you understand that now! And who's basket is that and why do you have it and not me???
    One more thing...I am thinking if bringing home "The King" with me for the summer along with Little Lady! Will one of my Pony Cousins commment to being with me for my Friday ride every week??? Becuase I can't have Little Lady and The King with me with out the Pony Cousin's help!!!

  3. I love your books! I am a book geek! You and my mom have the best decorating sense! I might have to hire you guys to come redecorate my house!

  4. You have a unique ability to decorate with a cozy vintage and cottage style. I will have to borrow a few books and loan them to Paint Girl, she's exhausted my resources!
    I have that same tin cowgirl sign, I love it! The antique book ends were a find, can't wait until I come down and do some more shopping with you guys!

  5. Nice post, love the book shelf and all on it. Very nice, I have quit a large collection of horse books and it's still growing!! Now I must find time to read them all! LOL
    Jane and Gilly

  6. Love the bookshelves and all the treasures!! Noticed a Larry McMurtry Book - Read Cadillac Jack - its a great little story about a trader and all the goodies he picks up on the trail!
    Thank you for visiting my blog