Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easters Gone By!


I have alot of fond memo
ries of Easter! We always spent it with our grandparents.We called our grandmother "BUBA" and our grandfather "PAPA." We would color Easter eggs, of course we used just plain old food coloring and crayons back in those days. We didn't have all those fancy egg decorating kits that they do now!We would have enough eggs left to eat for a week! We knew that our "PAPA" would hide the eggs in the afternoon for us three little girls to find! Oh, how I looked forward to that! If we were lucky the weather would be nice and we would get to go outside to hunt for eggs!

We would always get a new Easter dress and shoes so we could get dressed up! You could always count on our new dresses being "PURPLE" and alike! We even like to dress alike sometimes now!

A Cowgirl's Grace, The Desert Rose, Dusty Devoe

Amazingly enough we are standing in the same places in all of these pictures, the only addition is our beloved dog Penny in the picture above!


  1. What ladylike little girls. I guess some things don't stay the same. You all look so prim and proper and stylish. The hair has to go though, who was your stylist? You should have fired her!!!Happy Easter you terrific triplets!

  2. I'm of the same vintage as you. You could interchange heads from my old Easter photos. It's probably a blessing right now that the scanner/printer isn't compatible with my Macbook!

  3. Great minds think alike!!! Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  4. Awww, thanks for sharing the pictures, you all look so cute!
    Happy Easter!!
    Jane and Gilly

  5. That is funny about how you guys were standing. I love those old pictures! It is so special that you have them. Mom made me tell her which one was her, LOL! :)

  6. Every year the dress's were lavender. year they were peach!!! I think the 1st photo was the peach dress's. Thanks Sissy for the beautiful memories!