Monday, April 13, 2009

Hair I Come!


My person came out to see me tonight and I was having a really bad mane day!
All I was doing was trying to eat my dinner and here she comes and says "oh how cute you look, " and she starts taking pictures of me! One can't be enough, she just keeps on taking them! Of course what she doesn't know is that I love to pose!
After all I am a handsome fellow if I say so myself!

Here I am all spit, shined and polished! I clean up pretty good don't I?

I know if I put my little nose out she won't be able to resist it!

Back to my dinner!

Doesn't she know that I am just going to end up with another bad mane day all over again! I guess that will just give her something to do another day!


  1. Well....I once wrote a song called "bad Heart day" because I heard the radio announcer say bad hair day! Guess that song would have been different if he had said bad "mane day"!!! lol

  2. He looks so pretty! I love his forelock!! At least his mane was dry there, as opposed to dripping wet like on Sunday! ;)

  3. You can brush my mane any time you want, and I don't even have any hay in my hair!

  4. Yes Albert, you are one handsome boy! I would love to get my hands on you! Take you to a show and see what you can do!

  5. He is just beautiful! I love those dapples. I am loving all the pictures on your blog. Thanks for stopping by to follow my journey with Scout :)