Friday, September 10, 2010

Horse Thieves

You know what they do to horse thieves!!!

My King loves his auntie...

It's a good thing I love my Sissy so much!!


  1. Oh yes...and I LOVE my King too, even when he is in Hi Ho Silver mode! it was a tough decision to let him be yours when I could have so easily kept him with me. Being with you is the next best thing because I will always be able to nuzzle with him...he's a TUSH man for sure...he just loves to nuzzle them!!!

  2. Now, listen! You know that horse stealing runs in our blood! And if you dont keep an eye on your cousins, you will get your pony stolen right out from under you! And Desert Rose looks to be the one you need to watch the most when you have a fine pony like the King. I'm just saying...