Thursday, February 26, 2009


There's a whisper on the night wind, there's a star agleam to guide us, and the WILD is calling, calling "let us go"

Have you ever pictured your horse out in the wild? Where would their journey take them? Is he that fearless stallion of the herd leading his band of horses threw the hills and plains to greener pastures?Is she a mare who nurtures her foal with tenderness and has keen instincts? Do they have a soul mate?
I think that Albert would be a follower. I think that he
would take all of the fillies and colts under his wing because of his gentleness and kindness. They would trust him to show friendship and affection and be a great playful companion.

Tell me what your horse would be out in the wild!

You took me to adventure and to love. We two have shared great joy, and now I stand at the gate of the paddock watching you run in an ecstasy of freedom, knowing
you will return to stand quietly, loyally beside me.


  1. Well...this is hard to answer because in the wild Jesse would be a Stallion and because he is domesticated he is a gelding. His personality would be so different from who I know him as.
    So...A guess based on his "gelding" personality is, Jesse would be a leader. Clam, until he knew that the object of concern was a predator. Steady in is leadership and a breeder of many calm generations of big buttt Quarter horses. He would lead his herd to food and water and and find a safe place for them to lay down and rest at night. He would stand over his herd because he would know how precious each and everyone of their lives are. He would be a warrior when needed and stand his ground against any young punk trying to take his herd that was not qualified to lead in the brave way Jesse did. When he believed he could no longer protect his herd...he would simply walk away from this new challenger that... Jesse believed in!

  2. Well, I guess he'd either be top dog, er horse, or dead. I have seen him march into a herd as a gelding and kick the crap out of the boss mare. Jaz would be low horse on the totem pole.

    I think you must have been reading someone else's profile -- I'm not a twin

  3. Brandy would not be a leader, she is too insecure in herself to ever lead, due to her upbringing she was never given the chance to feel secure in most surroundings. Since she has been with me (4 1/2 yrs) she has learned to trust me and has become more secure in my presence, but when I am not around she becomes more insecure again.
    Fritzy on the other hand is the leader and very dominant. She would definately take control of situations and be the herd boss. She would also protect those in her herd and make sure no harm will come to them, she will kick another horse that comes near Brandy, except PG's boy, she loves him.

  4. I think My Boy would be fairly high up on the totem pole. He doesn't seem submissive or like a pushover. But he is also not a bully, so I'm not sure he'd fight his way to the tippy top.
    Paint Girl~ I think the appropriate term would be "boss mare." In a herd, aren't there boss mares or lead mares to the stallions, they are pretty vital to leading the herd dynamics? Fritz would be great at that! ;)

  5. I think Dusty would be in the middle. He an I have alot of the same personality traits. He would love all the horses and try to get along with everyone. Except for his food, which I think comes from his past. I think he would fight for that.