Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pony Cousins

How it all started..
Every story has a beginning..
First Pony Cousins trip to Palm Springs..
Here's a toast to all my beautiful
Cousins and  to keeping  the
chapters of our book  always in our hearts...
You are all my favorite!!


  1. Well....since I am NOT in the picture, it is obvious that I have gone home and gone to bed instead of partying with the stupid old cowboys ;)))
    pretty amazing how one by one you all became infected with the bite of the "horse fly" and even passed it onto your own offspring! I love sharing our horse time with the pony cousins and even though we never ride as much as we think we will on our trips's all about the love we have for each other and our equines. I am so proud to be a Pony cousin :)))

  2. I like how you call it "the chapters of our book". The book, of course, has been banned in Boston. ...And, Cousin Jane, you were either taking the picture, or you were passed out behind the barn.

  3. Wow, I remember the day this was taken! Thanks for the memories!

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    God bless


  5. Great photo! I forgot there was a first trip....a beginning! ;-)
    I am going to start your necklace this week! Can't wait to see what it becomes! xo

  6. Yes, I'm pretty sure DR was passed out behind the barn. She was REALLY doing alot of hand holding with us cousins at this time....hee hee

  7. Where have you BEEN woman! Start posting!