Monday, August 22, 2011

Rodeo and Playday

We had an amazing time at our
Pony Cousins Stampede
this year. More on that later.. 
I was really hoping that
King and I could win a crown
 but alas it was not to be
 since we decided not to have
a Rodeo  for several reasons...       
   We had a big trail ride at the barn 
where I board this last weekend.
 I had to work, so I told Cowboy Tony 
that he could ride King if he wanted to..
Tony is kinda like the big brother I've 
never had,  you love him sometimes
and want to slap him other times!!!
He has been alot of help.. 
rides my horse for me..
gives him medicine..
lets you know if anything might be 
wrong with my boy...
the list  goes on and on..
He said that King did awesome..
 He led people out to the trail head
about 12 times... They had an obstacle
course set up in the arena..
King did everything from
walking over a tarp with a
sprinkler on it, dragging a branch,
opening a rope fence,  walked over a bridge,
He said that him and King would of
taken 2nd place if they were judging...
I think that Cowboy Tony felt proud of 
himself and King....   
I just have to say that I am proud
of you both and  you both are wearing
crowns to me..

Thanks for giving me my rodeo... 

Thanks Cowboy Tony for loving
my horse as much as I do...
thank you for everything that you do
 I really do appreciate it...


  1. What a nice tribute to Tony! Yes, I can imagine how greatful you are that someone is taking such a liking to King when you cant be there. GOOD JOB TONY AND KING on the rodeo!

  2. Oh, too cool! Wish I could have seen that. Hopefully next time we have the stampede at the ranch we can do our rodeo or some version of it. This year it just wasn't meant to be with lame ponies and new ponies.

  3. Wish I could've seen King in action...not too bad for a "trail" horse! Might be fun practicing some of those tricks!

  4. What a good boy he is, the horse I mean! He's mighty pretty with that flowing mane too. I mean the horse again!