Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our Dance, Our Way ,Together

Life is full of many different dances..

Some easy and some not so easy..

When I look in the mirror I like the person

that I see.. I am my " own" reflection..

I am not what other people want me to be..

nor do I ever intend to be..

I am my own person..

Of all the things that I have accomplished

or have yet to accomplish.

I will do it my way..

My dance has taken me away from

one of the best dance partners that

has entered my life. It is I who have

chosen not to commit because of other

steps that I have had to take recently.

And so it is with tears in my eyes that

tonight I am totally committing myself

to the best dance partner in my life

at this moment in time..

All the other dances will have to wait..

I'm doing this dance with my partner
his and my way..
Together we will learn as we go..
He has already taught me so much..
We will do our own ballet..

Yes, my beautiful King..
I loved the dance we had today..
Just you and I alone to listen to
what each other had to say..
You said it all..
and I am listening..

I can't wait until we learn
the next new step..


Saturday, March 20, 2010

All That Jazz

Who knew that this...

Could turn into this!!


We did it, we got it all
unloaded and unpacked
and all put just in that
special place that it was
meant to be in!
What a fun day it was to see all that we had
accomplished in such
a short time.
It all came together
I am so proud of
us girls for getting

it all together and
I would like to thank
my Loveleigh Daughter Sares
and my sister Dusty Devoe
for all the hard work and time
that they put in to get our
dream accomplished!
I love you both!
So here is a peak at



Thursday, March 11, 2010

Have a great weekend friends!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Welcome to Peek a Boo Tuesday!

I'm going to share a little secret with you!
Back in the late 70's, early 80's, (wow! That
was along time ago) Dusty Devoe, Jesses
Desert Rose and I played guitars with our dad
and sang. I always looked forward to that at
every holiday. My husband traded his 22 rifle
to a friend of his so I could have a guitar.
I was thrilled, I had my own and it sounded
beautiful, of course not when I played at first!
I spent hours and hours practicing so I could play
with my dad. I'll never forget how
sore my fingers got!
When the three of us girls were growing
up, he would play with a friend of his almost
every Saturday and sing. I have so many fond
memories of listening to them. I loved my Dads voice!
Years later, my Dad played with his friend who
played the banjo. So of course I wanted to learn
how to play the banjo. My dads friend lent me one
of his and the three of us would get together and play!
George had alot of faith that I would learn to
play a banjo because he made me one. Oh how I
wished that
I could play like him!
He made it look so easy, Not!
I only learned about four songs, I sure practiced
alot! Needless to say, that time is long gone.
Time has a way of changing so many things.
Being busy raising your children, working, different
interests in your live.
The years have gone by so fast. I never did
believe my Dad when he would tell me that.
So know my guitar and banjo sit in my
closet with years and years of dust on them!!
My grandchildren always ask me to play
but before I could do that I would have to put
lots of practice in again!
My fingers aren't quite as limber as they were
twenty years ago.

My dad and George playing two years ago
at Christmas!
Me just fooling around!
Thanks Dad for all the fond memories
while growing up!
You are the best Dad that we could
of ever asked for and I love you so much!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010