Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our Dance, Our Way ,Together

Life is full of many different dances..

Some easy and some not so easy..

When I look in the mirror I like the person

that I see.. I am my " own" reflection..

I am not what other people want me to be..

nor do I ever intend to be..

I am my own person..

Of all the things that I have accomplished

or have yet to accomplish.

I will do it my way..

My dance has taken me away from

one of the best dance partners that

has entered my life. It is I who have

chosen not to commit because of other

steps that I have had to take recently.

And so it is with tears in my eyes that

tonight I am totally committing myself

to the best dance partner in my life

at this moment in time..

All the other dances will have to wait..

I'm doing this dance with my partner
his and my way..
Together we will learn as we go..
He has already taught me so much..
We will do our own ballet..

Yes, my beautiful King..
I loved the dance we had today..
Just you and I alone to listen to
what each other had to say..
You said it all..
and I am listening..

I can't wait until we learn
the next new step..



  1. I knew there had to be a horse in there somewhere. LOL

  2. Do you think anyone will think you have taken up ballet?! I hope you and your dancing partner get some great dancing time in now that Spring has arrived!

  3. Fun knew look over here! :) Did you get my email about the joint supplements?

  4. I must say, I was hoping there would be a horse in this "Dance."
    I think of my relationship with my mare much like a marriage.In fact, others have become confused thinking I am speaking of my husband;
    they find out it's my mare and they just shake their heads. Love that you get it!
    Terri Baker

  5. You must and always be true to yourself first! Enjoy the dance!

  6. I get it...I'm happy for you. :-) And I love your new look over here!

  7. That was so beautiful. I try to remind myself that at some time during my crazy day, I need to take a deep breath and enjoy the blessings.

    Yoli :)

  8. Haven't heard anything from you in such a long time! Miss you!