Sunday, July 19, 2009


The summer has been beautiful this year!I love those warm summer nights when we have them! My flowers are all blooming beautifully!
All of a sudden everything comes alive! I enjoy standing outside in the evenings and watering!

My carnations and lavender !

I decided to plant pansies in the side flower bed this year!

I love grasses!

I got this little rusty plant stand which I love the look of and put some yellow pansies in it!

I love daises! Mine don't smell very good though so they have to stay outside!

My hosta's have gotten really big this year!

I would love to have a yard big enough to have little flower gardens all over.! I hope you are all having a wonderful summer full of happiness and love!


  1. Your flowers are gorgeous!! I love them! I wish my yard looked so colorful!

  2. I simply melt in the high humidity and heat, but am happy to see that someone else is out there creating something beautiful in the sun! Your gardens are quite lovely.

  3. Your flowers are beautiful. Mine didn't do very well this year. Just too hot and not much rain at all. I like your blog and the music too.

  4. I love your flowers! I love that you and mom have the gardening thumb. Somehow I've lost that gene, but have been more interested in planting my flower pots this year. And maybe it will be different when I have my own property. By the way, thank you for the lavender, I might have to cut a few more, I'm obsessed with it lately!

  5. Beautiful, I love those pics- especially the daisies. I love planting flowers in old containers- old galvanized buckets, etc- I even have an old teapot. I think my favorite though is a strawberry pot full of hens and chicks, so cute!